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Our Mission: Enhancing Healthcare, One Device at a Time

Our mission is clear: to empower healthcare professionals and individuals with cutting-edge, clinically validated medical diagnostic equipment that delivers unparalleled accuracy and ease of use. We believe that by providing healthcare solutions that are both reliable and user-friendly, we contribute to a healthier, happier society.


AlcoSense Laboratories (original parent company of OxiPro Medical Ltd) founded to design, develop and manufacture alcohol breathalysers.


In 2007, AlcoSense had an exciting moment as they introduced their first digital consumer breathalyser to the UK. This remarkable gadget not only demonstrated the company's dedication to making our roads safer but also opened up a fresh and easy way for people all over the UK to monitor their alcohol levels accurately. This has been a big step towards safer roads and more responsible drinking habits.


AlcoSense Wins the What Car? Magazine Award! It was a fantastic moment for AlcoSense when they proudly secured the prestigious What Car? Magazine award. This achievement highlighted AlcoSense's unwavering dedication to being at the top of their game in alcohol breathalyser technology, solidifying their position as industry trailblazers who offer cutting-edge and trustworthy solutions for consumers who prioritize safety.

2009 - 2020

AlcoSense grows to be the UK’s largest consumer breathalyser brand, supplying major retailers and companies including Post Office, Porsche and Honda with breath testing equipment. AlcoSense exports to Scandinavia and Poland, winning product awards in the UK, Sweden and Poland.


OxiPro, born as an offshoot of AlcoSense, emerging as a pioneering force in healthcare technology. Our company proudly introduced the OxiPro OX2 fingertip pulse oximeter, catering not only to the general public but also supplying the product to NHS Trusts.


OxiPro launches the BP1 blood pressure monitor. The OxiPro BP1 Blood Pressure Monitor offers accurate and convenient blood pressure readings. Its user-friendly design and advanced technology make monitoring your health a breeze.


OxiPro demerges from AlcoSense Laboratories into its own independent company, OxiPro Medical Ltd.

OxiPro launches the BP2 smart blood pressure monitor and TH1 4 in 1 thermometer. OxiPro Medical's latest releases are truly impressive, featuring cutting-edge technology and innovative design, setting new standards available for hospital and home use.

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