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OxiPro TH1 4in1 Infrared Thermometer

OxiPro TH1 4in1 Infrared Thermometer


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Introducing the OxiPro TH1 Infrared Thermometer – This versatile clinically validated device is designed to meet all your needs with the utmost precision and convenience. Whether you require in-ear, forehead, or surface temperature readings, the OxiPro TH1 delivers accurate results in an instant, making it ideal for various applications.

Its advanced infrared technology ensures non-contact measurements for added hygiene and ease of use. Stay in control and keep your loved ones safe with the OxiPro TH1 Infrared Thermometer – the reliable choice for accurate temperature readings anytime, anywhere.

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Ergonomic Design.

The OxiPro TH1 Infrared Thermometer boasts an ergonomic design that prioritizes user comfort and ease of use. Its sleek, lightweight build fits comfortably in your hand, while the intuitive button placement ensures effortless operation. Say goodbye to discomfort during temperature checks with this user-friendly and efficient thermometer.

Ear Temperature.

The TH1 also offers precise and convenient temperature measurement with its advanced ear temperature reading feature. With rapid and accurate results, it ensures comfort and ease for users of all ages. Trust in its reliability for quick health assessments and peace of mind. The TH1 will automatically switch to Ear mode when the cap on the rear of the device is removed, pretty smart!

Sleek Design.

Compact and reassuring build quality are the reason our TH1 has taken the thermometer market by storm.

Its sleek, contemporary design not only complements your style but also ensures rapid and precise temperature measurements. Elevate your control and aesthetics with the OxiPro TH1, where function meets sophistication.

Surface Temperature.

Its non-contact design eliminates cross-contamination risks, making it ideal for food safety, HVAC diagnostics, and more. With quick readings and a clear LCD display, it enhances efficiency and safety in various applications. This device provides quick, reliable readings, improving efficiency and safety across industries.

Customer Reviews

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Pauline O.

Very good and easy to use

Kenneth J.

OxiPro TH1 4in1 Infrared Thermometer


Good quality product for good price

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