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OxiPro BP2 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

OxiPro BP2 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor


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Introducing the OxiPro BP2 Blood Pressure Monitor - With its cutting-edge wireless technology, this device ensures precise and hassle-free blood pressure readings. But that's not all - it seamlessly syncs with the accompanying app, allowing you to effortlessly track and analyse your vital health data. Stay on top of your cardiovascular health with ease, thanks to the OxiPro BP2's accuracy and convenience. Your well-being, at your fingertips.

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  • Convenient All-in-One Design

    Say goodbye to pipes, wires and seperate cuffs! The fully integrated design means you only have one item to worry about, no tangled pipes everywhere and a device which is easy to travel with. Fits small to large arms circumferences from 22-42cm.

  • Integrated Smartphone App

    The included smartphone app connects via Bluetooth to the OxiPro BP2 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, recording your results with tme and date, enabling you to easily share them with your NHS GP or Practitioner.

  • Share with your Doctor, review your results against time

    Using the free smartphone app, you can review your data quickly and easily in graphical format and share the results with your NHS GP or practitioner through email and other methods.

  • Large 3-Colour LED Screen with Backlit Display

    - Big screen

    - Big fonts

    - Backlit for use in low light

    - 3-colour result bar chart

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Comfort Cuff.


A comfortable cuff minimizes the potential for inaccurate readings caused by cuff-induced pain or discomfort, resulting in more reliable and consistent blood pressure measurements. This not only aids in the early detection of hypertension but also ensures that users can make better-informed decisions about their cardiovascular health. Ultimately, a comfortable cuff contributes to a positive user experience and better overall user outcomes in the management of blood pressure.

There's an App.

Integrated Smartphone App

Blood pressure monitoring is crucial for health. OxiPro smart blood pressure monitors provide valuable insights by syncing data to mobile apps, aiding in trend analysis and sharing with healthcare professionals.

The included smartphone app connects via Bluetooth to the OxiPro BP2 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, recording your results with time and date, enabling you to easily share them with your NHS GP or Practitioner. Just export a report and email it directly from the app.

Premium Display.

Large 3-Colour LED Backlit Display

Our premium colour display offers several advantages. Firstly, the vibrant and clear colour screen provides users with an easy-to-read interface, making it exceptionally user-friendly, especially for seniors or those with visual impairments. The use of colour allows for a quick assessment of blood pressure trends and potential irregularities, as colour-coded indicators accompany readings. All in all, a premium colour display enhances the overall user experience, ensuring accurate and accessible monitoring of vital health metrics.

USB C Charger


Having a USB-C charging port on your OxiPro blood pressure monitor brings several advantages. First and foremost, USB-C is incredibly versatile and widely adopted, meaning you can use the same cable and charger that you use for your other devices, reducing clutter and hassle. It also offers faster charging speeds, ensuring your blood pressure monitor is ready when you need it. Additionally, USB-C connectors are reversible, eliminating the frustration of plugging in the cable the wrong way. This convenience is especially appreciated when you're in a hurry or dealing with low lighting. Overall, the USB-C port on your blood pressure monitor simplifies your charging routine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
William S.
Not that good

Very awkward to put on.
Buttons slow to react.And should not have to pay to get its full potential
This was not made clear when choosing this item.PS a very similar item is on WISH for a very few pounds

Danie P.
Really useful

This was a very useful purchase. I had some strange BP readings at the doctor's and I wanted to do some monitoring. This device was easy to use and connects to my phone cus the app. This can create infograpgics from the reading data and trends. Very helpful

Alun D.
Blood pressure monitor

Very pleased with my purchase, should have invested in one before now. Easy to use and link to phone.
Was not aware that I would have to pay a monthly subscription over and above the free basic level which is all I need for now.

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