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OxiPro BP2 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

The OxiPro BP2 is an all-in-one smart blood pressure monitor with a smartphone app, allowing you to easily share your BP results with your hypertension clinic.

OxiPro BP2

OxiPro TH1 4-in-1 Thermometer

Suitable for adults and children, the OxiPro TH1 infrared thermometer has 4 modes, adult forehead, child forehead, in-ear (tympanic) and surface (e.g. baby bottle).

OxiPro TH1
  • Clinically Validated

    Rest assured, all OxiPro products are clinically validated, ensuring accurate and trustworthy health monitoring solutions. Our team are also available to talk.

  • Accuracy & Precision

    OxiPro products are meticulously quality-controlled in the UK, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and precision in your health monitoring needs. Your well-being is our top priority.

OxiPro BP1 Blood Pressure Monitor

The OxiPro BP1 Blood Pressure Monitor quickly and accuratley measure your blood pressure. Supplied with a 22-42cm cuff, it fits almost all adults.

OxiPro BP1

OxiPro OX2 Oximeter

As suplied to the NHS for at home patient monitoring, the OxiPro Fingertip Pulse Oximeter measures your blood oxygen saturation levels (SATS) and pulse in seconds.

OxiPro OX2

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