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You've found the page which provides full support on the OxiPro BP2 Smart Blood Pressure Monitor you will find the downloadable user manual along with frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

I get different results at different times of day, is that normal?

Yes, that’s perfectly natural. Blood pressure may change up to 20 mmHG within a day. Different factors like time of day, what you've consumed (caffiene for example), your state of mind, if you have excercised, or the environment you find yourself in can all affect the reading. That’s why it’s important to try to take the readingsat te same time each day. After waking up, before breakfast is normally quite a good time to achieve a consistent set of circumstances.

I get differences wen taking several readings in a row. Is this normal?

Yes. When you take several readings in a row there will be differences, the blood flow in the arm may need time to recover. If you wish to take multiple readings, take a maximum of two, and leave at least one minute between each test. You can then average the result.

Do not take more than two readings in sequence, taking more can cause damage to the arm.

What’s the difference between Systolic and Diastolic blood pressure?

Blood pressure is measured using two numbers: The first number, called systolic blood pressure, measures the pressure in your arteries when your heart beats. The second number, called diastolic blood pressure, measures the pressure in your arteries when your heart rests between beats.

I'm getting weird readings, why is that?

A: Please check the unit of measure you have set on your device. The UK uses mmHg as it's unit of measure, but the unit also has KPA for our European customers. Please make sure the unit of measure is correctly set on the device.

Why are the readings on the BP2 different the results on the App?

A: This is caused by having different units of measure set on the device and app. Typically the UK uses mmHg as the unit of measure, make sure the BP monitor and the App are both set to the same unit of measure.

My readings are different when taken at my GP practice. Why is that?

It’s a normal occurrence for the results to change when taken by a professional. This tendency/fact is actually well documented. Your blood pressure can be either lower or higher depending on the influence going to the doctor may have on you. Some people will notice an increase from the readings taken at home due to experiencing stress while the test is being administered. For others, the presence of a medical professional will be a calming factor, resulting in the reading being lower than usual.

My readings are inconsistent. Is there a reason behind it?

It is important to follow certain rules when taking a reading. Doing it at the same time every day, preferably every morning after you urinate, may help with that. However, you should also consider if the cuff is positioned properly, you’ve removed clothing from around your upper arm, you’re sitting down comfortably, are relaxed, and are not talking or moving.

The reading can’t be taken, an error message is displayed on screen. What should be done?

The most common error code is ER 2 which means movement was detected while testing. Please stay still with your arm resting on a hard surface while testing.

How many readings can the monitor store?

Your BP2 monitor will store up to 120 readings for each user. When 120 records have been stored, the oldest one will be overwritten. You can also see the average of the last three results by clicking the Memory button.

What does it mean when the flashing Irregular Heart Beat symbol appears during the test?

Don’t worry it is normal for the icon to flash while the test is being taken, if you pay close attention, you’ll realise that the icon is an indicator of your heartbeat. If an arrhythmia is detected, the symbol will be flashing and shown alongside the result. If that’s the case, you should consider contacting your doctor in regard to it.

How do I register my product?

Please use the link below. Type in your email address, your first and last name, and chose the marketing permissions you’re comfortable with. Once you see the “Subscription confirmed” message, it’s all done, congratulations, you’ve extended the warranty of our product to 3 years!

What size is the cuff?

The cuff is size is 22 - 42 cm, and it’s suitable for small to large arm

How do I charge my BP2 monitor?

When your device runs out of power, please use the manufacturer- provided Type-C charging cable to charge the device till the Full Power Indicator stops flashing. When charging the device, you can use a mobile phone charger or plug the cable into a device with powered USB output.

Can the device be used with Samsung or Apple health app?

Unfortunately, it can’t. However, there’s an app which the BP2 is designed to be used with. The MedM Health app can be downloaded directly from Google or Apple Store.

Can the device be used without downloading the app?

Of course it can! The use the OxiPro BP2 you do not have to install the app on your smartphone, but your user experience will be enhanced by doing so. It will enable a number of features including being able to record your results on your smartphone or sharing them with a third party through email.

Do I have to register my account on MedM?

The registration is required if you wish to share the results stored in your app. The app can be used without registering, but not all features will be available.

How do I pair my OxiPro BP2 with the app?

Open your MedM app, then press the menu at the top of the app (three lines), select My Devices, then select Add New (note: your smartphone may ask you to grant the app allocation permission, in order to be able to discover Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy) devices. If prompted with such message, please chose While Using the App option), turn on your OxiPro BP2, wait for it to appear in the list of devices, select it, then select Add to my

How do I check my results in the MedM app and delete them?

Results only sync when the app is open and the OxiPro BP2 are both on at the same time. After testing, your results are displayed on the MedM Dashboard. Click into BP
section to see historic entries. You can click into each entry to see more details or delete it.

How do I delete the results from the device?

In Power-Off mode, press the User button to select the user group whose measured values need to be deleted. Press the Power button to power off the device, then press the Memory button once and then keep pressing the Memory button for 3 seconds to delete memories of the selected user and wait until the NO icon will appear on the screen.

How do I share my results?

From the Dashboard, press the menu (three horizontal lines) in the top left of the screen, then select Export and follow the instruction on the screen.

Can the device be used while charging?

No, the device won’t operate when charging.

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